DigComp4VET Unveils Cutting-Edge Training Material to Transform European Vocational Education

DigComp4VET, a pioneering Erasmus Plus project, is proud to announce the launch of its newly developed training material, produced under Work Package 3 (WP3). This marks a significant milestone in the project’s overarching goal to enhance the European Vocational Education and Training (VET) system’s resilience and relevance through the implementation of the Digital Competence Framework.

With a mission to empower VET professionals with the necessary digital competences for the rapidly evolving landscape of vocational education, DigComp4VET has meticulously worked towards operationalizing the revised DigComp Frameworks. The project adopts a unique “just-in-time” and “bottom-up” approach, focusing on the specific needs of VET professionals.

The project consortium, comprising seven organizations from six European countries (Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, and Spain), has been actively involved in analyzing trends, identifying digital skill gaps, and uncovering opportunities within the VET ecosystem during WP2 activities. This comprehensive research served as the bedrock for developing innovative training courses tailored to address the identified training needs.

DigComp4VET is an Erasmus Plus project dedicated to enhancing the European VET system’s resilience and relevance by implementing the Digital Competence Framework in VET settings. The project focuses on empowering VET professionals with the competences needed for digital and blended vocational education and training, contributing to Europe’s digital future. DigComp4VET’s diverse partnership ensures the transferability and multiplier effects of results across education, training, youth, and sport, thereby contributing to upskilling adults, enriching higher education, and supporting private sector digitalization.

Key Features of the Newly Developed Training Material (WP3):

– Comprehensive curriculum focusing on digitalization in VET institutions.

– Target-centered and multilingual training material available in English, Italian, German, Spanish, Romanian, and Polish.

– Aligned with the WP2 Matrix and EU frameworks DigCompORG and DigCompEDU.

Training Modules Available:

1. Learners’ Quality Assurance and Learning Management Systems.

2. Digital Upskilling and Reskilling of VET Professionals: Train-the-trainer on New Technologies for Teaching & Education.

3. Learners’ Engagement in Digital-age: Adapting VET Provision to Virtual Environments.

4. Organisation and People Management in Virtual Settings.

5. Digital Competences for VET Professionals: Selecting, Creating and Managing Digital Resources for Teaching & Education.

6. How to develop attractive digital content for education purposes.

7. Digital education and guidance: new roles and pedagogical approaches of VET professionals.

The training material is now accessible at https://www.digcomp4vet.com/trainings/ and promises to be a valuable resource for VET professionals looking to enhance their digital competences.

DigComp4VET, at the European level, adds significant value by supporting Europe’s digital future and addressing critical capacities identified by the EU. For more information, please visit https://www.digcomp4vet.com/.

DigComp4VET is poised to make a lasting impact on Europe’s digital future by supporting the upskilling of adults, enriching higher education, and contributing to private sector digitalization.